Focus issue | Bioartificial organs and tissue engineering

The International Journal of Artificial Organs (IJAO) is pleased to announce a special Focus issue entirely dedicated to Bioartificial Organs and Tissue Engineering. 

The Focus issue presents valuable observations on the current bioartificial organs and tissue engineering solutions to assist, mimic and /or replace damaged patients’ organs in a scenario where the unavailability of adequate organs for transplantation to meet the existing demand has resulted in major organ shortage crises.

This thematic issue also highlights the need for new biomaterials and scaffolds, for better understanding and tailoring biomaterial-cell tissue interaction, better immune protection and optimal mass transfer as well as development of new concepts or designs.

Dimitrios Stamatialis - Professor of Biomedical Membranes and (Bio)Artificial Organs at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente, and IJAO Section Editor - has already invited worldwide renowned scientists specialized in Bioartificial Organs and Tissue Engineering to write articles on this topic which will be published in this thematic issue of IJAO.

This is an exciting time for tissue engineering and bioartificial organs, and this thematic issue will have a significant impact on these rapidly-evolving fields and will stimulate researchers to find new bioengineering solutions and to attract new investigators to initiate clinical trials based on recent experimental findings.

If you are a researcher currently working on a paper on tissue engineering / bioartificial organs, Professor Dimitrios Stamatialis welcomes your manuscript for consideration in this thematic issue.

Submit your manuscript online to IJAO, following the Instructions to Authors, at  and select the Section Category Focus issue | Bioartificial Organs and tissue engineering. 

For scientific enquires, please contact Prof. Dimitrios Stamatialis, Guest Editor of this Focus issue at

Dimitrios Stamatialis is Professor of Biomedical Membranes and (bio) Artificial Organs, Department of Biomaterials Science and Technology, MIRA Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine, Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Twente (NL)